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Monday, November 8, 2010

Now I've Done It!

Aghhh.  Aghhh, as in a sigh of relief.  The projects on my mind are slowly dwindling, making way for new ones.  So, there she is!  What do you think of her?  Not sure?  Well, I think she is fan-freaking-tastic and I am going to have a home full of silver furniture if The Chad doesn't stop me! I do have some touch up and hardware touch ups coming, but to hold over your curiosity, I put a little picture up (excuse my photography). I just want to show her to the world, but never let anyone on to how little it cost me ($24.16 for the piece, paining supplies and taxes). No one will EVER know.  I have to admit, with Christmas approaching, I have been questioning just how much she could bring me.  However, she was my first, and will stay with me forever.  Now, I am not oppsed to moving onto another item, one I WILL sell (that is, if she also doesn't steal my heart).  

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  1. Looking good! I'm sure it looks even better in person. Wow, if your stuff looks this good I wonder how awesome your garage sale-ing sister's house must be!!!