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Come Bake With Me!

Many Mousses Torte Cake

Torte Cake Layer
6 tblsp Butter - melted in double broiler 
7 oz dark chocolte added melted in d broiler stir until melted and smooth and Remove from heat, and use a spatula and place into a mixing bowl. Set aside.

1 1/2 teas vanilla
4 egg whites 
4 egg yolks 
Whisk the egg yolks into cooling chocolate. 
Whisk the egg whites w salt, add pinch of salt and 1/3 cup brown sugar and continue to mix ~use either a hand held beater or Kitchenaid here.  Stop beating once soft peaks form. 

Fold the egg whites into chocolate until a solid brown color.  FOLDING is imperative in this recipes.  It keeps the layers fluffy. 

Pour into greased springform pan (size doesn’t really matter) bake about 15 mins at 325 - until spongy but not raw, and cool IN PAN for at least an hour - until completely cooled.  DO NOT remove from the pan at any point in the process.  

Chocolate Mousse Middle Layer

Combine 2 tablespoons cocoa and 6 tablespoons hot water  in a small dish and set aside  

Melt 7 oz dark chocolate in double broiler
 Once smooth, use a spatula and scrape into a bowl, add cocoa mixture.  

Whisk/Beat 1 1/2 cups heavy cream and 2 tablespoon sugar and a pinch of salt until soft peaks form.  Fold this into chocolate mix until it is a solid brown color...  layer the mousse on top of the cooled torte cake layer.

White Chocolate Mousse Layer

Combine 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin and1 tablespoon hot of water, stir with small whisk or fork and set aside.
Simmer 1/2 cup of whipping cream and pour over  6 ounces white chocolate, stir with a whisk until melted, add gelatin mixture and whisk more.  In a separate bowl, beat or whisk remaining cup of cream until soft peaks form.  Fold the whisked cream into white chocolate mixture until blended completely.  Spoon and smooth mixture onto other formed layers. 

Refrigerate 3 hours, or overnight (you may want to cover pan with saran wrap - but don’t let it touch top of cake).  

After refrigerated and set, add hot tap water to a glass.  Dip a knife in the glass and run along cake perimeter in pan before removing spring form sides.  Again, warm the knife in water, dry, and gently run along sides to smooth.  Grate chocolate and sprinkle it on the top of the cake for decor.  Serve (reccommended you warm knife between cuts for a smooth cut).